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Allen West Teams up With Pro-Gun Groups to Pass Constitutional Carry in Texas


In a historic first, Constitutional Carry (HB 1927) passed in the Texas State House by a vote of 87-58 vote on April 16th. Now, as it moves to the State Senate, it has a powerful ally in the fight, with Texas GOP Chairman Allen West teaming up with the National Association for Gun Rights (NAGR), and their state affiliate Texas Gun Rights (TXGR).

Constitutional Carry allows law-abiding citizens to carry firearms without requiring a government permission slip through the permit system. It is the law in 20 states, including two of the states that borders Texas. Not only that, but of all the states Texas touches, it is the only state that does not allow some form of permitless carry for handguns.

“It’s my sincere pleasure to work with Allen West and Chris McNutt (Executive Director, TXGR) – lobbying the Texas Legislature and mobilizing thousands of pro-gun Texans to make sure the Lone Star state becomes the 21st Constitutional Carry state in 2021. Passing Constitutional Carry is the standard, and Texas must get on board.” said Dudley Brown, President of the National Association for Gun Rights.

When announcing their new alliance, West hammered both Texas Governor Greg Abbot, and Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick for their inaction on the issue. In the case of Patrick, he has directly worked against the measure, killing it in previous sessions by preventing the bill from ever getting a floor vote.

“There’s no good reason Texas hasn’t passed Constitutional Carry into law – we’re lagging behind a lot of other states. But I know Chris McNutt and Dudley Brown, and working with NAGR and TXGR is the key to restoring firearms freedom in Texas. But of course, squishes in the legislature are M.I.A, and even worse, Abbott and Patrick are actively running away from this legislation. You’d think they’d be proud to whip the legislature and get it done.” said Allen West.

With Allen West in on the fight, Texas has a real chance to truly live up to its pro-gun reputation.



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