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Anti-Gun Liberal Freaks Out After Seeing Man Legally Open Carrying

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If you are terrified of firearms, Oklahoma isn’t the place for you. It is one of 21 Constitutional Carry states, allowing any citizen over the age of 21 (18 if in the military) to carry a handgun openly, or concealed, without a permit.

Twitter user “Cacky” learned that the hard way during a trip to an Oklahoma Trader Joe’s grocery store.

Alongside a picture of the man legally carrying a handgun openly, she questioned the man’s mental stability, adding that she left the store after encountering the man who was simply minding his business.

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“I have no idea if this guy is stable or mentally ill,” she Tweeted. “Is he bothered by the heat and have a short fuse today? What if someone makes him mad and he has poor impulse control? I’m not willing to risk my life for groceries, so I just left Trader Joe’s.”

“Cacky” also tagged the Micheal Bloomberg-funded anti-gun group Moms Demand Action, a group she also has listed in her Twitter bio.

After the picture went viral, an article referencing it was written on the left-wing blog Upworthy.

The author writes of her own experience at an Idaho grocery store, where he husband heroically saved her from a man legally carrying a firearm:

“Last summer, my husband and I went to a grocery store in Sandpoint, Idaho to pick up some ice cream. As we started walking down the frozen foods aisle, my husband grabbed my arm to stop me. He gestured to the couple ahead of us, and I saw what he saw—a handgun sticking out of the back of the man’s pants.”

Later in the article the woman accidentally makes a pro-gun observation, pointing out that the city she was in had a crime rate that is half the national average, writing:

“We turned around and left the ice cream aisle, choosing to wait until the openly armed shopper left. And we were irritated. Seeing a man with a gun in a grocery aisle feels like living in a war zone—meanwhile, Sandpoint’s violent crime rate is half the national average.”

It’s almost as if more guns equals less crime. But sane Americans already understand that fact.

If anti-gunners want to live somewhere they can avoid law-abiding gun owners, they could always move to Chicago, or Washington, D.C., where crime is off the charts.




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