Ben & Jerry’s Calls for Gun Control

We live in a Clown World state where irrationality reigns supreme in politics. 

In our increasingly politicized daily lives, all sorts of non-political organizations are giving their opinions on mundane political affairs.

To be sure, government actors will always be major threats to the right to bear arms. However, our enemies have proven skillful in their ability to adapt. They understand that privatized forms of coercion can work really well in a consumerist society like the US, in which markets and private property dominate. 

Tom Knighton of Bearing Arms noted ice cream company Ben & Jerry’s has made it clear that it’s in favor of gun control. In addition, it’s demanding corporate America to stop bankrolling politicians who stand in opposition to civilian disarmament.  

“It’s time for companies and their trade associations to stop political contributions to elected officials who do the gun lobby’s bidding, blocking common sense gun laws that nearly all Americans support,” the ice cream company declared in response to the recent wave of mass shootings. “Our leaders are more responsive to the gun lobby than to the grieving families of countless victims.” 

The ice cream company also urged its patrons to reach out to their representatives and demand that they support a prohibition on so-called “assault weapons” and high-capacity magazines. 

Ben & Jerry’s gun control advocacy shows that our society is reaching unhealthy levels of politicization. On top of that, Second Amendment supporters should pick up on the fact that some of the threats we’re currently facing come in a private form. 

Gun owners will need to identify anti-gun companies and throughly boycott them. When dealing with bigger companies, gun owners should press their elected officials to pursue punitive actions against these companies — whether it's reducing their tax privileges or slapping them with heavy fines.  We’re in a state of hybrid warfare against Gun Control Inc. and it must feel the heat from the grassroots. 

The days of playing nice with the enemies of freedom are over. 

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