Chicago Police Department Held Buyback in Efforts to Destroy Every Firearm it Obtained

The Chicago police department held a gun buyback on December 18, 2021, in which they pledged to destroy every firearm that was handed to them.

The event took place at the Christ Universal Temple on South Ashland in Chicago.
The Chicago PD posted on Twitter that the buyback was a way to “save a life.”

The Chicago PD added, “All guns turned in at this event will be destroyed and never returned to the street.”

AWR Hawkins of Breitbart New noted that Chicago prohibited handgun ownership in 1982 and that ban remained the law of the land until the Supreme Court struck down the ban in the McDonald v. City of Chicago decision of 2010.

As the ban was in place, Chicago experienced a significant uptick in murders that exceeded recent highs.

Hawkins noted that as of December 9, 750 murders took place in Chicago. However, when the handgun prohibition was in effect, the number of murders was significantly higher.

According to a Chicago PD report, 850 homicides took place during 1993. The report showed 930 homicides in 1994, 921 homicides in 1991, and 940 homicides in 1992.

Buybacks function as a way to condition the populace into accepting gun confiscation. If law enforcement were serious about combatting crime, they would make sure to allow lawful citizens to be armed and push back against legislation that guts law enforcement’s ability to pursue real criminals.

Gun control just empowers criminals at the lawful citizen’s expense.

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