CPAC Proved that Florida is Trump/Sabatini Country

The annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) is the go-to place to finger the pulse of the conservative movement. But not in the exhibition hall, or the main ballroom, where the best spots are reserved for those who shell out the most money to establishment.  

Pro-Gun News was on the ground, and spent time at events and parties all across Orlando. And the one name we kept hearing screamed from the mouths of grassroots activists was Florida State Rep., and Congressional Candidate, Anthony Sabatini.

Sabatini is a rising star in the Republican Party who has made a name for himself as a tough, no-compromise figure on any number of conservative issues, particularly on gun rights, where he has emerged as the top pro-gun figure in the state after sponsoring Constitutional Carry (HB 103).

While at an event organized by Grand Opportunity USA (GO-USA), just across the street from CPAC proper, Sabatini spoke to a fired-up crowd who broke out into chants of “Trump/Sabatini!” throughout the night.

Event organizer, and founder and CEO of GO-USA, John Paul Moran, spoke to Pro-Gun News on the success of the event.

“We really are the anti-establishment,” Moran said “We are fighting for the forgotten 80% of America. That’s why the establishment in the Democrat and Republican Parties hate us, and our  populist values. We want to live free, and they don’t.”

“That’s what Anthony Sabatini, President Trump, and most Americans believe, and it’s why we’re taking over,” he concluded.

During the event, GO-USA pushed their Opportunity Scoring system, which works like a credit score for politicians, showing if they truly stand with the voters that elected them. Pro-Gun News encourages our readers to endorse this survey at this link, which automatically sends a letter to your Representatives urging them to fill out the survey.

Sabatini spoke to Pro-Gun News about the need for the grassroots to take down the establishment and become the future of the Republican Party:

“It’s time to eliminate RINOs from the Republican Party and elect true grassroots fighters with a pro-freedom, America first agenda— this is the only way America is going to be restored.”

Sabatini is a rare breed of politician who doesn't just talk the talk, but walks the walk, and fights like hell for vitally important issues like the Second Amendment. Not only is he taking the lead in the fight for Constitutional Carry, he is also running for Congress in Florida's 7th Congressional District. You can check out his campaign site at this link

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