Georgia House Passes Constitutional Carry Bill

Will the Peach State become the 23rd state to restore the right to bear arms?

On March 11, 2022, the Georgia House passed Constitutional Carry bill HB 1358. HB 1358 was passed on a 94-57 vote on the evening of March 11, according to a report by Fox 5 Atlanta. 

Now the bill is going to the State Senate for further debate. The Senate passed a similar bill in February.
Georgia Governor Brian Kemp congratulated the State House for its pro-gun vote. "It’s great to see so much support for the 2nd Amendment, as the General Assembly considers bills to uphold this fundamental right," Kemp declared. "I am committed to working with both the Georgia House and Senate to get Constitutional Carry across the finish line!”
Constitutional Carry is the simple concept that any lawful individual should be allowed to carry a firearm without a permit. No begging the government for permission. It’s basically the Second Amendment in its purest form. 
Passing Constitutional Carry would boost Georgia’s already solid gun laws. According to AZ Defenders’ Gun Friendly Index (GFI), Georgia is ranked in 23rd place for friendliest states for gun owners in America. Passing Constitutional Carry will undoubtedly improve Georgia’s  GFI rankings in upcoming years. 
Constitutional Carry remains the hottest fight on the Right. It’s a resounding success that has engulfed nearly half of the states in the nations. Any serious right-wing candidate at the state level should be unapologetically campaigning on this issue. If we want to restore gun rights at the federal level, we must first start restoring the right to bear arms in our state legislatures.
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