Gun Grabbers Sneak in Red Flag Gun Confiscation Order to 2022 National Defense Authorization Act

When gun grabbers can’t pass direct forms of gun control, they have to get sneaky. On September 24, 2021, the U.S House passed the National Defense Authorization Act for the fiscal year 2022.

Seems like a harmless defense spending bill, right? Well there was a major catch to this bill that many people overlooked. According to Gun Owners of America, red flag gun confiscation order language was added to the 2022 NDAA. This is a clever strategy employed by the Left to pass gun control when they can’t attain it through conventional means. 

Gun Owners of America tweeted about this sneaky gun grab on September 24, stating “BREAKING: Red Flag Gun Confiscation passes the House of Representatives 316-113 with the support of 135 Republicans.”

North Carolina Congressman Greg Murphy released a statement on September 23 condemning the inclusion of this red flag gun confiscation provision. It read as follows:

I am outraged that House Democrats are once again trying to conceal unconstitutional red flag laws in the NDAA that could be used to unjustly deprive American service members of their Second Amendment rights,” declared Murphy. “Our national defense bill is a key component of ensuring that our Armed Forces and their families have the resources they need, and it is reprehensible that Democrats are trying to use the NDAA to subvert our veterans’ right to possess a firearm.

“Fortunately, both Republican and Democrat leadership have publicly assured Congress that this egregious language WILL be removed from the final version of the NDAA. While I support the overall defense legislation as a vital pillar of Eastern North Carolina’s defense footprint and look forward to its passage, I will work tirelessly within conference to ensure that law-abiding veterans’ Second Amendment rights are protected from unlawful federal overreach,” added Murphy.

Red flag gun confiscation orders are notorious for their unconstitutional nature of singling out law-abiding veteran gun owners in how they violate their Second Amendment rights based on flimsy allegations bereft of due process, reasonable suspicion, and probable cause. Unfortunately, red flag laws enjoy a high degree of bipartisan popularity unlike other forms of gun control.

Second Amendment supporters should recognize that Republicans cannot always be counted on to support the Second Amendment. They must be watched like hawks and electorally punished when they misbehave politically.


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