Here are the Two Republican Sell-Outs Who Voted for the Latest Gun Grab

July 29, 2022, was a frustrating day for gun owners. H.R. 1808, the House’s Assault Weapons Ban, was passed on a vote of 217 to 213. In effect, this bill would prohibit at least 45 specific AR-15-style rifles. 

While every Democrat voted in favor of this bill, two Republicans such as New York Congressman Chris Jacobs and Pennsylvania Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick also voted for this gun grab.

This bill was initially sponsored by Rhode Island Congressman David Cicilline. Ciciline expressed the view that stabilizing braces convert AR-pistols into an “automatic weapon.” 

This bill will likely die in the United States Senate due to the legislative body’s partisan breakdown and lack of broad-based gun control support. Right now, the Senate is divided 50-50 split, with Vice President Kamala Harris serving as the tie-breaking vote. 
However, the primary roadblock here will be officials like Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, who are more than willing to filibuster anti-freedom legislation at a moment’s notice. Because of that, passing such a gun grab will be much more difficult. 
Nevertheless, the fact that such anti-freedom legislation was able to be passed in one chamber of Congress is quite frightening. This should serve as a reminder that our freedoms are still in a delicate state and must always be defended. On top of that, members of both parties are more than willing to destroy our rights. The fact that a politician has an “R” next to their name does not signify that they will immediately protect our rights. 
We cannot just relax and believe that “American exceptionalism” alone will safeguard our freedoms. People will have to take proactive steps to get into the political ring and be ready to throw down against the forces of petty despotism.  A truly free society can only be attained by those who are relentless and willing to confront the malevolent forces that reside in Washington D.C. That means confronting politicians, irrespective of their political party, for their bad votes. 
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