Indian American Store Owner Exercises His Right to Bear Arms , Smokes Violent Criminal

Blue cities like Philadelphia are becoming increasingly unstable thanks to progressive District Attorneys who pursue policies that empower criminals and let them back on the streets in no time.

As a result, Philadelphia set a homicide record in 2021.

One family had to deal with the very real threat of crime in Philadelphia after a shootout took place inside of a market in Philadelphia’s Frankford neighborhood on the night  of January 23, 2022.

According to police reports, a 23-year-old store employee was shot once by a customer he and his brother had instructed to leave the premises.

The victim’s brother happened to be armed and shot back at the armed suspect and wounded in the left arm and left side, per the police report.

Ranjit Singh of Bearing Arms noted that the store owner who responded in self-defense was actually Indian.

Small business owners of all backgrounds benefit from the right to bear arms. In a time when corrupt district attorneys are letting criminals run loose and the police cannot be counted on to defend their lives and property, the Second Amendment is the best bet for any who is serious about defending themselves.

The Second Amendment was originally crafted for Americans who wanted to keep the government in check. However, it now has an additional function to help people in a period of anarcho-tyranny, where criminals run loose and the government fails to uphold its end of the social contract.

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