Johnny Depp's Legal Victory Inspires Kyle Rittenhouse, Motivates Him to “Fight Back Against Lies in the Media.”

When disgraced actress Amber Heard defamed ex-boyfriend Johnny Depp in the Washington Post, Depp took her to court.

And in a major victory, a Virginia jury sided with Depp, awarding him with a whopping $10 million settlement. 

Kyle Rittenhouse, who last year was acquitted of murder charges after being forced to defend himself against Black Lives Matter rioters in Kenosha, WI, responded to the news with a message of solidarity. 

He further responded by stating that the decision is "fueling" him in his effort to "fight back against the lies in the media."

Rittenhouse recently launched "The Media Accountability Project" as the vehicle for his fight against the fake news media. 

Pro-Gun News wishes him the best in his efforts!


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