Kyle Rittenhouse Reveals that Joseph Rosenbaum Threatened to Kill Before Ambushing Him

What would you do if you were threatened on multiple occasions by a psychotic man armed with a chain?

If you’re someone with an ounce of testicular fortitude, you’d probably defend yourself.

That’s what Kyle Rittenhouse did during the Kenosha riots of August 25, 2020.

During his testimony on November 10, 2021, Rittehnouse gave his account of what happened that fateful night. He recounted how he was working at a recreation center in Kenosha County when the riots kicked off. The riots were sparked after a police officer shot Jacob Blake last summer.

As Julio Rosas of Townhall noted, it’s now overlooked that Blake was armed with a knife and ignored police orders and attempted to enter a vehicle while his two children were seated in the back, which prompted the police officer’s response.

Riots then ensued. Rittenhouse explained how he and his friend, Dominick Black, traveled to Kenosha following the first set of riots to inspect the damage and see how they could help out. They started off by joining a group of concerned citizens who were cleaning graffiti off buildings for roughly an hour and a half.

Later on, Rittenhouse and his friend met up with the owners of a local car dealership and volunteered to protect the property.

The night of the shooting that would later become the object of national discussion, Rittenhouse claimed that Joseph Rosenbaum threated him twice before the shooting. Rittenhouse pointed out that in his first encounter, Rosenbaum said he was going to kill him. Rosenbaum was armed with a chain when he made the first threat.

In the second encounter, Rosenbaum used a racial slur while announcing that he was going to rip Rittenhouse’s heart out.

Then, Rittenhouse received a call from his friend to head towards the car lot down the street because rioters committing acts of arson and smashing cars. Rittenhouse requested that he be given a fire extinguisher and have someone accompany him to the gas station. No individual ended up accompanying him.

Rittenhouse headed to the lot where Rosenbaum ambushed him. Rosenbaum came out between two cars and proceeded to lunge towards the teenager. As he tried retelling the event, Rittenhouse broke down in tears, prompting point Judge Bruce Schroeder to call for a ten-minute break.

One the court was back in session, Rittenhouse gave his testimony where he explained how he thought Rosenbaum threw the chain he previously saw because it looked silver in reflecting light. Rittenhouse claimed Rosenbaum kept sprinting in his direction and lunged when Rittenhouse turned and pointed his AR-15.

Rittenhouse explained that he had to shoot Rosenbaum for self-defense purposes because Rosenbaum was grasping the AR-15 and he couldn’t escape the situation because of the cars blocking his path. From there, Rittenhouse explained that he started to run in the direction of law enforcement because he did nothing wrong and no longer felt safe next to the car lot. Around the car lot a crowd of people was yelling to “get him!”

Anthony Huber subsequently attacked Rittenhouse with a skateboard. As he fell down, Rittenhouse felt the AR-15 being pulled from his grasp, which compelled him to shoot Huber. Rittenhouse also added that he lowered the AR-15 when he saw Gaige Grosskreutz put his hands in the air. Rittenhouse only shot Grosskreutz once he started moving towards him with a handgun pointed at his head.

Grosskreutz claimed that Rittenhouse manually racked his rifle, which Rittenhouse firmly rebutted. Similarly, video footage from the night of the shootings doesn’t back Grosskreutz’s assertion.

Overall, Rittenhouse’s ordeal is a sign of institutional decline. What was a clear act of shooting in self-defense is now being treated as an act of murder by the lying press.

Regardless of the trial outcome, Second Amendment supporters must band together, support Rittenhouse, and create social infrastructure that backs individuals who engage in defensive gun cases. The last part is key because the Left wants to effectively outlaw this concept, thereby leaving people defenseless against criminals and unruly mobs.

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