New Study Shows Millions of People Acquiring Firearms for the First Time

It’s not just pro-gun outlets who are acknowledging the growing gun sales boom taking place across America.

Research from Northeastern University Professor of Health Sciences and Epidemiology professor Matt Miller shows an uptick in overall firearms sales over the past two years.

This mirrors figures provided by the National Shooting Sports Foundation that estimated in 2021 roughly 40% of gun sales were to first-time buyers. As Cam Edwards of Bearing Arms observed, This figure “would have translated to about 8.5-million new gun owners in 2020.”  These figures are a tad higher than what Professor Matt Miller’s research showed. His research pointed to roughly 7.5-million Americans becoming gun owners between January 2019 and April 2021.

“The proportion of gun sales to new gun owners compared to existing gun owners is around the same at 20%,” Miller said to the Guardian. “What changed is the volume of gun purchases.”

Per the study, the total number of firearms purchases  grew from 13.8 million to 16.6 million between 2019 and 2020. Of these new gun buyers, roughly half of all new firearms owners were female and nearly half were non-whites.

The study highlighted that 55% of new gun owners were white, 20.9% were black, and 20% Hispanic. However, the author noted that the distribution was in place before the pandemic broke out. “New gun owners are more likely to be Black and they’re more likely to be female,” Miller stated.

Say what you want about American politics, Americans will not give up their guns so easily. Increased firearms sales among different minority groups shows how the Second Amendment is open to any lawful individual.

It doesn’t matter if the individual is black or white, a lawful citizen recognizes that an armed individual is still the best first responder against crime. Especially, during a time when law enforcement services cannot be counted on to defend people’s rights.


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