Raphael Warnock Spends Beaucoup Bucks on Private Security While Advocating for Civilian Disarmament

Politicians who claim to fight for the little man usually end up being exposed as total elitists once their life is fully placed under the microscope.

Freshman Senator Raphael Warnock is a darling of the Left. As one of Georgia’s new Democrat senators, Warnock is part of the new generation of radical legislators who will strive to eviscerate the Second Amendment.

Cam Edwards of Bearing Arms noted Warnock has a long track record of pushing for civil disarmament. While he was a reverend, Warnock spoke out against Georgia’s supposedly “lax” gun control laws.

Earlier in 2021, Warnock called for the passage of “reasonable gun control” following a mass shooting in spas in the Atlanta metro area.

“We need reasonable gun reform in our country,” Warnock previously stated without giving specifics to what laws he wants passed. “This, this shooter was able to kill all of these folks the same day he purchased a firearm.”

Warnock’s personal profile gets juicier when looking at how he secures himself. For example, he relies on private security, who are armed, to keep him safe.

According to Federal Election Commission filings that were released in the middle of October, Warnock’s campaign paid Executive Protection Agencies $603,161 from October 2020 to September 2021. Executive Protection Agencies is a private security detail company based in Atlanta.

Warnock’s behavior is typical of elitist politicians who have access to luxury benefits (private security) while advocating for policies (gun control) that disproportionately hurt the working classes. The right to bear arms at least gives working class individuals an affordable security option when it’s abundantly clear that they can’t afford a private security deal the way politicians and anti-gun oligarchs like Michael Bloomberg can.

With the way the Republican Party is transforming and becoming more of a working-class party, pro-Second Amendment advocates should make the case that the right bear arms is a hallmark of the working class. The Second Amendment is the great equalizer and secures the life and property of Americans of all backgrounds.


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