Republicans Must Listen to Florida Rep’s Anthony Sabatini Call for Repealing of Red Flag Laws 

Red flag gun confiscation orders are back in the news with Senate Democrat and Republican leaders such as Connecticut Democratic Senator Chris Murphy and Republican Senator John Cornyn promoting “framework.” This framework consists of tighter background checks for gun buyers less than 21 years of age, the federal government providing financial incentives to states that pass red flag laws, and the enactment of stronger penalties for straw purchasers. 

Florida State Representative Anthony Sabatini was one of the most vocal opponents of this gun control proposal. In a tweet he posted on June 15, 2022, Sabatini declared:

Every year I have filed or co-sponsored a Bill to REPEAL Florida’s ‘Red Flag Law,’ & each year the Bill has been BLOCKED by coward Anti-Gun RINOs in the Florida Legislature
Thank you @TuckerCarlson for shining a light on this atrocious law
This law needs to be repealed ASAP!


Without a doubt, Sabatini is one of the most vocal pro-Second Amendment supporters in America. He has introduced legislation like Constitutional Carry, House Bill 103, in addition to his Red Flag repeal bill HB 6083. Based on his legislative behavior alone, Sabatini is the real deal when it comes to Second Amendment advocacy. Few elected officials can match his track record and indefatigable dedication to the right to bear arms. 
Unfortunately, Sabatini’s warnings are not being taken seriously in the DC Swamp. On June 21, the United States Senate voted for this bipartisan gun control legislation by a margin of 64-34. Democrats in voting for this bill, which will only embolden Gun Control Inc. as their thirst for civilian disarmament will never be quenched. 

Second Amendment advocates must have all hands on deck in this instance.  Not only will they need to scuttle this gun control bill but also work proactively to improve gun laws at the state level and prepare to nullify all gun control laws and regulations coming from the federal government. 

In this fight, staying on the sidelines nor compromising are viable options.  

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