RINO Florida State Rep TRASHES Pro-Constitutional Carry Petitions

As residents of Florida scream for Constitutional Carry, state legislators who claim to be pro-gun outright ignore their calls. 

Perhaps the worst offender is State Rep. Chuck Brannan, who is the Chairman of the Criminal Justice & Public Safety Subcommittee, where Constitutional Carry, HB 103, is currently being held up.

Pro-Gun News previously covered Brannan's inaction on the bill. If he wanted, he could force the bill to the floor of the State House, yet he refuses to act. 

Now it is clear why he isn't acting. 

When gun rights group Florida Gun Rights (FLGR) went to deliver petitions from residents in support of Constitutional Carry, they found that Brannan's office had trashed both FLGR's and Gun Owners Of America's petitions in support of the measure!

As reported by The Truth About Guns: 

"What happens in Florida when constituents let their representatives know they want to see a constitutional carry bill that’s been languishing in a House committee come up for a vote?

We got this email from Florida Gun Rights’ Matt Collins . . .

Florida Gun Rights and Gun Owners Of America along with the Republican Liberty Caucus delivered petitions to legislators in support of Constitutional Carry at the Capitol today.

After delivering stacks of petitions to State Rep Chuck Brannan’s office, we circled back around roughly 20 minutes later to find that his office had deposited the petitions in the trash, a possible violation of public records laws.

Citizens who support the right to keep and bear arms confronted his Legislative Assistant about this on video.

Rep. Brannan is the chairman of the House Criminal Justice & Public Safety Subcommittee where HB 103, a constitutional carry bill, is bottled up. It will go nowhere without Rep. Brannan’s say-so.

Clearly Rep. Brannan’s legislative aid hasn’t been trained well enough to know that you don’t throw away constituent petitions in his boss’s front office. He was supposed to do that in the rear, out of sight, so the public can’t see that no one in the state’s GOP legislative leadership has any intention of moving a constitutional carry bill forward."


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