Several Posh Neighborhoods are Turning to Private Security as Crime Rises

With how unstable things are becoming in America, several institutions that were generally unheard of in the past are now becoming fixtures of our present political order.

In many regards, the U.S. is becoming more Third World in terms of the rise in crime, and most importantly, the means being used to tackle crime. The latter point is key because we’re now experiencing the emergence of private security assuming more functions across American society. This is no coincidence. The uptick in the use of private security services is the product of the vacuum created by anti-police sentiment that has compelled many police officers to retire and political moves made by local and state level officials that allow criminals to operate freely.

Tom Knighton of Bearing Arms highlighted this in a recent publication. Private security is most prominent in fields such as banking, malls, and retail stores. In reality, private security fills a need for people who are worried about security but can’t fully rely on traditional law enforcement to do the job.

Knighton observed that “these [private security] companies can run the gamut from the proverbial “rent-a-cop” to high-end, close-protection professionals like you see surrounding a Hollywood starlet.”

However, neighborhoods are increasingly starting to hire private security services. According to a report by Local 12, major cities are increasingly turning to private security firms in order to tackle crime problems popping up all over urban centers.

One notable example of a private security firm that stood out is the Bucktown Neighbors Association, which contracted with a private security firm made up of over 800 retired law enforcement officers to form this security arrangement.

In a report by WFLD, the group wrote in a letter that the private security firm is tasked with deterring “crime and act as the liaison between the neighborhood and the Chicago Police Department.”

Similarly, residents of the Marina District, a neighborhood in the San Francisco Bay Area, contracted private security earlier in 2021 to stem the rising crime taking place in their neighborhood.

The increased use of private security will be a fixture of the new America as the rule of law breaks down. People have the right to set up or contract with private security services.

However, most of these services will only be available to the well-to-do. Most people simply don’t have the resources to hire private security services.

As a result, people turn to personal firearms ownership to secure themselves and their property. But when gun control enters the mix, many poor people, who are concerned about their safety, are priced out of owning a firearm. This leaves vulnerable to the criminal elements.

The wealthy don’t have to worry because they can afford to hire private security firms to protect them. This is not a luxury available to the working classes. Second Amendment proponents would be wise to recognize this class war facet of gun control because this is going to be the new reality of American politics as the country becomes more Third World.

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