The Canadian Regime is Searching for Private Contractors in Order to Confiscate AR-15s

In the West, it has become fashionable to outsource the dirty work that tyranny entails to unscrupulous private actors. Generally, private businesses are much more efficient at carrying out tasks than the government. Plus, private businesses can attack as the perfect “fall-guy” entities if things go wrong. After all, people generally hold hostile attitudes towards corporations. 
According to a report by Jake Fogelman of The Reload, Canada is looking to outsource the dirty task of implementing gun control to several private corporations. 
In July, Public Safety Canada issued a Request For Information (RFI) to measure interest among companies willing to back Prime Minister Justin Trudeau regime’s “assault weapon” mandatory buyback program. This agency is responsible for enacting  Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s confiscation order. Now it needs help carrying out this unholy deed.
“The primary intent of this program is to safely buy back these newly prohibited firearms (NPFs) from society, while offering fair compensation to businesses and lawful owners impacted by the prohibition,” the RFI spelled out in a document that it released on July 14 “As such, [Public Safety Canada] is seeking support from industry on a number of key elements of the program.”
 These “key elements” of the Canadian government’s program include “Collection and Transportation, Tracking, Storage Solutions, Package Inspection, Destruction, and Post-Destruction Recycling.”

According to Fogelman, the confiscation order in question was made back in May 2020. The RFI floated the idea of the private sector doing most of the work regarding the confiscation and destruction of recently prohibited firearms as opposed to government officials.
 Fogelman observed that the Canadian government “previously contracted with IBM Canada Ltd. to help design and implement a workable confiscation scheme, resulting in a bloated budget and scant details of a concrete plan.” 
In an interview with The Reload, Rod Giltaca, the executive director of the Canadian Coalition for Firearms Rights, said that the fact that the Liberal Party, the ruling party at the present in Canada, has to rely on the private sector to carry out the buyback program is an indicator that the ban is not feasible.
 “The Liberals’ repeated appeals to the private sector are in response to the reality that no government agency is equipped to perform their confiscation scheme,” he stated. “I think a few have told them so. This leaves them holding an empty bag of promises made over two years ago.” 
 Due to various issues with this program, Canadian officials have already been forced to extend the amnesty period for gun owners who are expected to turn over their guns. Thus far, the majority of gun owners who possess the recently banned firearms have not handed over their weapons.  
 This buyback program is part of the Trudeau government’s regulation prohibiting the possession and sale of 1,500 so-called “assault weapons”. This measure was implemented as a response to a mass shooting in Nova Scotia where a gunman slaughtered ​22 people with weapons he acquired illegally.  
Things aren’t going so great in the Great White North. Indeed, there are good signs of resistance towards the Trudeau regime’s latest gun grab. However, the outsourcing of gun control enforcement to the private sector is a worrisome trend. We’ve already seen similar dynamics take place with regards to Big Tech acting as a de facto private enforcer for the managerial state. 
Gun owners in both the US and Canada should watch how this outsourcing effort plays out. With how all-encompassing the reach of the enemies of order and liberty is, we must watch both the private and public sectors like hawks to preserve our liberties. 

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