There’s More to Mexico’s Gun Trafficking Problems than Meets the Eye

Mexico has a lot of explaining to do when it comes to the lawsuit that it’s filing against American manufacturers.

In its lawsuit, the Mexican government alleges that American firearms manufacturers are responsible for the country’s rampant crime. The Mexican government’s assertion that American firearms are solely responsible for its instability ignores a lot of the home-brewed institutional rot present in the country.

Larry Keane, the Senior Vice President for Government and Public Affairs at the National Shooting Sports Foundation ​​(NSSF), raised a very valid point in a recent article he published. Notably, he called attention to the fact these American-made firearms were in the Mexican military’s hands and later went missing. He added that “those firearms supplied by U.S. manufacturers pursuant to U.S. State Department-approved export licenses to meet foreign defense contracts but have somehow walked off Mexican military bases.”

At the moment, Mexico is suing American firearms makers for $10 billion in damages. Mexico is alleging that manufacturers are engaging in negligent business practices that supposedly cause “massive damage” and “destabilize” Mexico.

Naturally, Mexican governing officials don’t look in the mirror and realize that their country is screwed up beyond belief. For example, according to Insight Crime, Mexico’s homicide rate in 2020 stood at 27 per 100,000, which was the fifth highest homicide rate in the Western Hemisphere.

Keane also pointed to Mexico’s dismal rankings according to transparency watchdog Transparency International, where it it’s ranked in 124th place out of the 180 countries studies.

According to a Reuters report, Mexico asserted that over a half million firearms are illegally smuggled into the country as a way to destabilize it. In this lawsuit, the Mexican government alleges that 68% of the firearms recovered were made in the U.S.
One thing to note is that Mexico has one firearm store in the country. It’s located in Mexico City and it’s in a military base.

Curiously, a report by Ildefonso Ortiz and Brandon Darby at Breitbart News noted that the Mexican army is losing roughly 30% of its firearms that it bought from American manufacturers. These firearms are apparently being recovered in crime scenes throughout the nation.

It’s not just American-made firearms that are being found at crime scenes throughout America. Keane observed that “Other firearms from manufacturers based in Australia, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Romania, and Spain are also being recovered at crime scenes.”

Here’s the thing about these “lost” firearms, they’re allegedly being lost by the Mexican Army and it’s only the Mexican Army that can buy these firearms.

The reports of missing firearms were originally covered by Mexican journalist Carlos Loret De Mola, which Breitbart writers picked up on.

This same report demonstrated that it’s only the Mexican Army that’s allowed to sell firearms. In addition, the report revealed that an office called CENAPI, which Mexican Attorney General Alejandro Gertz Gomez oversees, tracks firearms obtained at crime scenes. However, Loret de Mola asserts that information is being suppressed due to the ongoing lawsuit the Mexican government is levying against American manufacturers.

Allegedly, CENAPI did not follow through with Loret De Mola’s request for information concerning the recovered firearms. This has led to speculation that the Mexican Army is involved in gun trafficking.

Given how dysfunctional Mexico is, its legal accusations against American gun manufacturers are risible. Mexico’s problems are very much the fault of its corrupt government and public institutions.

American firearms companies shouldn’t be punished for Mexico’s failed state status.

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