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PayPal and ADL Form Unholy Alliance To Target ‘Extremists’

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PayPal has announced they are partnering with the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) to explore how so-called “extremists” and “hate groups” are funded. In a statement, the ADL states that the research will seek to find how “hate movements” use financial platforms, and share the subsequent research with the financial industry, policymakers and law enforcement.

You may ask how this has anything to with gun-rights, as this is Pro-Gun News after all. While it may not effect most gun owners, this partnership shows alarming similarities to the Obama Administration’s infamous “Operation Choke Point,” a 2013 Justice Department initiative to target financial institutions that service the firearm industry.

Operation Choke Point led to thousands of gun shops losing the ability to process payments through credit cards, as the DOJ forced them into the “high risk” category of business.

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In the wake of the horrific Sandy Hook school massacre, guns were at the forefront of the national conversation like never before. Gun shops were made out to be villains selling instruments of death. Similarly, in 2021, “right-wing extremism” is at the forefront of the national conversation, particularly in the wake of January 6th.

Joe Biden’s Administration considers “right-wing extremism” to be the most pressing threat to the country, with that fear culminating in a national military stand-down order to address it.

It shouldn’t shock anybody that payment processors, and financial institutions are getting in on this trend.

Earlier this year, GOP Senate candidate Lauren Witzke had her Wells Fargo bank account shut down.

In 2019, other payment processors and banks shut down accounts of conservatives, as the great Michelle Malkin wrote about at the time. As Malkin notes, the author of this article, Pro-Gun News Editor-in-Chief Luke Rohlfing was banned form PayPal that year after writing a Big League Politics report on the payment service providing service to illegal migrant caravans (That ban stands to this day).

The research created through this ADL-PayPal alliance will likely end up being used to financially deplatform those they consider “right-wing extremists.” Bought an edgy shirt online? Donated to somebody they consider to be an “extremist?” You could find yourself losing your bank account, or your company losing the ability to process payments.

But there is hope for those fearing payment deplatforming.

2A Commerce is a company created to support those in the firearm industry facing this kind of intrusion. They offer payment processing online, and in-person through credit card readers available to their customers.

But they don’t just support those in the firearm industry, they pledge to never discriminate against customers, regardless of if they agree with them or not.

Pro-Gun News is proud to support 2A Commerce in their noble goal of providing payment processing to all legal businesses. Check them out at 2ACommerce.com.

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