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Zuckerberg Bans Gun Ads While Spending $23 mil on Personal Security

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Virtually every elitist who opines about the need for gun control are complete hypocrites. This is especially true for Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, who spent $23 million in private security for him and his family last year, while implementing anti-gun policies on the platform that made him rich enough to afford that security.

On Facebook, ads promoting guns are against their terms of service, along with the private sale of guns, even in locations where it is perfectly legal to facilitate those private sales.

The Daily Mail first reported on the expenditure, writing that the big tech company spent “more than $13.4 million on personal security” for Zuckerberg, plus another $10 million in the form of a “pre-tax allowance…for his family’s private security.”

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This spending is a $3 million increase compared to his 2019 spending on personal security.

Facebook explained the expenditures by stating that the costs are due “primarily due to regular personal travel, costs relating to security protocols during the COVID-19 pandemic, increased security coverage during the 2020 US elections and other periods with increased security risk, and market increases in the costs of security personnel.”

It is reasonable that somebody like Zuckerberg, who has an estimated net worth of $113.5 billion, would require serious security.

But the hypocrisy comes into play when taken into account that Facebook has extremely hostile rules for those promoting guns on their platform, which is why Pro-Gun News refuses to use the platform.

As Breitbart News reported, Facebook’s hostility towards gun even extends to Hyatt Guns, who attempted to run ads for gun safes in 2014, only to be rejected because “it violates the Ad Guidelines. Ads may not promote firearms, ammunition, or weapons (ex: paintball guns, BB guns, knives, etc.)…This decision is final. Please consider this the end of our correspondence about your ad.”

So even gun safes, which are made to protect firearms from misuse are not allowed on the platform.

While Facebook has been cracking down on guns, they have become the number one source for child exploitation, which seems like something more worthwhile to crack down on than Americans promoting a tool they have a constitutional right to own.

For these reasons, Pro-Gun News primarily uses Gab, a free speech alternative to big tech platforms, where we aren’t afraid of being banned for posting lawful content. Follow us there!

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