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Law-Abiding in Houston, Texas Citizen Shoots Armed Robber in the Face

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Constitutional Carry went into effect in Texas on September 1, 2021.

A few days after Texans could exercise Constitutional Carry rights, an armed man shot a robber in the face at a local Shell gas station in  Houston. The victim was dropping by the gas station to make some purchases and was approached by a man who lifted his shirt to show his gun and demanded that he hand over all of his valuables.

However, the would-be victim was armed and ended up shooting the robber in the face. The robbery suspect has been in the hospital and in police custody.

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“He was shot in the face one time. He’s at the hospital. He’s going to live. He’s conscious and breathing right now,” declared Houston Police Department Lieutenant R. Willkens. 

On top of that,  no charges were pressed against the victim due to him acting in self-defense.

“He’s being extremely cooperative. He has no criminal history whatsoever,” Willkens said of the victim who acted in self-defense.  

What we see in this incident is why people carry firearms. No, Constitutional Carry is not about showing off or flashing your gun around in public. It’s all about asserting your right to self-defense, which allows you to protect yourself, your property, your loved ones, and those around you should you enter a public venue where a criminal or a group of criminals happen to be there.

According to certain estimates, there are 500,000 to 3 million cases of defensive gun use that take place in a given year. Americans understand the value of not only owning a firearm, but also carrying in public in scenarios where their life is potentially in danger. 

Hopefully, more states follow suit and pass Constitutional Carry so lawful citizens can have another option in their toolbox to defend themselves.

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