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Criminal Tries to Fire Unloaded Gun at Cops, Makes Fool of Himself

Sonoma County sheriff's deputies recovered this unloaded gun after a suspect tried to open fire on authorities at Maxwell Farms Regional Park Thursday, June 17, 2021. The suspect was arrested after a chase.
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Following a police chase in Sonoma County, CA, a criminal was arrested after attempting to open fire on police with an unloaded handgun.

The criminal, who was described as homeless, was stopped by police as he was spotted fighting another man in a Sonoma County Park.

Once confronted by police, he is accused of reaching into his car for a gun before attempting to fire at police.

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The only problem with his plan was that the gun was empty, and he instead was seen pulling the trigger multiple times, and racking the slide in an attempt to load a round into the gun, despite his magazine being empty the entire time.


The Press Democrat Reports: 

“Henry Morgan, 28, was arrested following a chase that ended when a Sonoma County sheriff’s deputy rammed and pinned the suspect’s car, the Sheriff’s Office reported Friday.

The encounter began around 3 p.m. Thursday when authorities received multiple calls about a disturbance at Maxwell Farms Regional Park.

A CHP officer and Sonoma County Regional Parks ranger found the suspect fighting another man on Verano Avenue. Morgan was armed with a knife, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

Morgan, whom police described as homeless, is suspected of grabbing a gun from his car and pointing it at the two officials and a sheriff’s deputy who’d just arrived.

“He pulled the trigger multiple times, but the gun did not fire. He continued to point the gun at peace officers, pulling the trigger and pulling back the slide in an attempt to make the gun fire,” the Sheriff’s Office reported in a Facebook post.”


The police attempted to calm down this incredibly dumb criminal before he attempted to flee in his car.

His attempt to run from the law was short-lived, as he was pinned a half-mile away after driving into dead-end.

After attempting to run away on foot, he was arrested. As he was being taken into custody, the lowlife threatened to kill his arresting officer. But considering his previous attempt at a shootout with police, it is doubtful the officer was very intimidated.



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