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TX: Austin Shooting Victims’ Family “Adamant” About Protecting Gun Rights

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Whenever a madman commits an atrocity with a gun, Democrats become giddy with joy, hoping to exploit the tragedy to enact gun control. But in the case of a shooting victim Texas, the family is speaking out by declaring that their loss should not be a “reason to eliminate gun rights.”

Following a fight last weekend at Austin, Texas’ famous Sixth Street bar strip, a dozen people were injured, and one uninvolved tourist was killed when gunfire erupted between suspected gang members.

Texas State Rep. Vikki Goodwin wasted no time to demand gun control following the shooting, sending a letter to Gov. Greg Abbott, calling on him to veto the state’s Constitutional Carry law, which has since been signed into law.

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Gun control zealot Shannon Watts also wasted no time, putting out a Tweet mentioning the man who was killed in the shooting to promote gun control.

But all these left-wing calls for gun control were negated by the family of the 25-year old victim, Doug Kantor, who put out a call to protect gun rights in response to the shooting.

During the signing ceremony for Constitutional Carry, and a number of other pro-gun bills, Texas Governor Greg Abbott responded to a question about Kantor by revealing that the deceased’s family supports gun rights, along with mentioning their opposition to calls to defunding police departments.

Gov. Abbott stated:

“The family members are heartbroken about what happened, but the family members were adamant about two things: one, do not let this crime committed by teenagers be a reason to eliminate gun rights in the United States of America. Second thing they told me is they were adamant also that they were against policies that defund police and our cities, like what happened Austin, Texas. The last thing everybody must understand, those who believe and support Second Amendment rights, we support the right of every law-abiding American to be able to have a weapon to defend themselves. That is different from teenagers unlawfully getting access to guns to commit crimes. Those are people who deserve to be behind bars for the rest of their lives.”

Kantor’s brother also appeared on Fox News to speak about his disgust with left-wingers politicizing his brother’s death.

“This was not a mass shooting,” the victim’s brother, Nick Kantor told Fox News co-host Bill Hemmer.

“This wasn’t somebody on top of a rooftop gunning people down for no reason. This was rival members of groups that were having a problem with each other and decided that they were going to have a standoff in the middle of a street party that my brother was attending, and my brother was caught in the crossfire.”

“This should not be used to politicize any sort of gun control,” he continued. “The fact that that’s what it seems like politicians are doing with this story is deeply disturbing to me and my family. This is the last thing we want. We want Doug’s story to be told for what it was and not politicized for some agenda.”

Sixth Street in Austin is essentially a gun free zone. With the vast majority of businesses along the street being bars, it is illegal to carry a firearm inside, even if you aren’t drinking. That fact, combined with the Austin Police Department being largely defunded, it is a recipe for disaster.




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