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ATF Agents Spill the Beans on ATF Nominee David Chipman’s Questionable Racial Comments

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According to various ATF sources, there exists a complaint that claims Chipmans made racially insensitive comments during his previous time at the government agency.

Stephen Gutowski of The Reload reported that several ATF agents who have decades of experience working in the agency said that Chipman threw shade at fellow black ATF agents who received promotions.

The officials claimed that they caught wind of Chipman’s alleged remarks before they were mentioned in a recent lawsuit that requested the release of the complaint. 

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“He made some comments that he was surprised by the number of African Americans who have made it onto a specific promotional list,” a current ATF official informed The Reload. “So, his insinuation was that they had to have cheated. Which is kind of despicable.”

A former ATF agent who used to work alongside Chipman said he heard the same story.

“That one had to do with what’s called the assessment center, which would be to get promoted,” the former agent said to The Reload. “Somebody would have had to file a complaint against him if he were a supervisor making those statements.”

According to the current ATF official, the allegation was what compelled him to leave his post in Detroit.

“He left Detroit because of that,” the agent recalled. “He did not leave Detroit on the best of terms. His reputation was that he was not nice to people.”

This account of events resembles findings from a Daily Caller News Foundation interview with Tom Jones, the president of the American Accountability Foundation (AAF). The group was aiming to get their hands on Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) complaints. According to the Freedom of Information Act lawsuit, there were allegedly two EEOC complaints filed against Chipman. One of the complaints in question deals with comments Chipman made that suggested black ATF agents could not have been capable of pulling off high-level performances as detailed in promotion assessments.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz questioned Chipman about the complaints in documents he sent to the nominee inquiring about the matter. Chipman did admit the complaints existed but did not reveal any details about the content and stated, “both complaints were resolved without any finding of discrimination, and no disciplinary action was taken against me,” per Fox News.

One could only imagine the type of outrage that would occur if a conservative elected official or pundit made similar comments about non-white co-workers. There would be non-stop calls for cancellation and the initiation of struggle sessions to make the offender publicly repent for their supposed misdeeds. 

Frankly, Chipman’s views on race should be irrelevant when it comes to whether or not he should head the ATF. His views on civilian disarmament alone should disqualify him from assuming this position at the ATF. Using the “Dems are the real racists” talking point simply leads to the Right falling into the Left’s moral frame.

Instead, the Right should expose people like Chipman for the petty despots that they are and not try to “Own the Libs” like many mainstream conservatives do.

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