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Biden Blames White People for Gun Violence, Demands Massive Gun-Grabs on El Paso Shooting Anniversary

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On the two-year anniversary of the El Paso, Texas massacre, where a deranged gunman slaughtered 23 people, Joe Biden made sure to use the anniversary of this atrocity to push for civilian disarmament. 

At the El Paso Times, Biden penned an op-ed where Biden warned about the alleged threat of “domestic terrorism rooted in white supremacy,” which Biden described as “the most lethal terrorist threat to our homeland.”

To fight these perceived threats, Biden boasted about his regime’s attempts to “reduce online radicalization and recruitment to violence,” on top of “disrupting the networks that inspire such violence by domestic terrorists and hate groups.”

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But no politicalization of violent atrocities is complete without calls for gun control. As Cam Edwards of Bearing Arms observed, Biden “used the anniversary to push once again for his gun ban plan, which would force millions of legal gun owners to either register their firearms with the federal government (and pay a $200 tax for the “privilege” of keeping their guns) or hand them over to authorities with the promise of some yet-to-be-determined financial stipend.”

Biden had this to say about how he would solve the current “gun violence epidemic”:

As we work together to counter the forces of violent hatred, we must also commit to ending the plague of gun violence that steals innocent lives and continues to devastate our communities. I will continue to do everything I can to fight for commonsense gun laws that Americans overwhelmingly support and I call again on Congress to do what we know will make a difference, including a ban of weapons of war — assault weapons and high-capacity magazines like the one that ravaged and pierced this city. And, I will continue to act to reduce gun crime using existing authority — ranging from reining in the proliferation of “ghost guns” to investing in community policing and community violence interventions that can save countless lives.

What we’re witnessing here is the typical exploitation of a tragedy to justify a power grab. The fact remains that mass shootings remain very rare, despite the wall-to-wall coverage the media give them, which usually results in people getting the impression that mass shootings are a frequent occurrence.

By fixating on “domestic extremism”, the Biden administration is laying the groundwork for expanding that category to otherwise normal people i.e. lawful gun owners so as to deprive them of their foundational liberties.

Second Amendment advocates should hold their ground and not buy into the propaganda the corporate press and the political class are spreading far and wide. The less people buy into these phony narratives, the easier it will be to take on the ruling class and restore the freedoms that they have taken from us. 

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