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Brady Organization Colludes with the Mexican Government to Trample Over the Second Amendment

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Gun Control Inc is stooping to new lows now that anti-Second Amendment mainstay Brady is teaming up with the Mexican government to attack the Second Amendment. 

A new lawsuit directed against the American firearms industry is being put forth to hold federally licensed firearms companies liable for the criminal actions of Mexican criminal syndicates and drug cartels. The amount the plaintiffs are seeking totals $10 billion

The NRA-ILA highlighted another dirty detail of this lawsuit: 

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Not only that, the suit argues that the U.S. federal court in which it was filed should ignore both United States law and the Second Amendment and instead rule against the defendants under the laws of Mexico.

It’s humorous that the gun control lobby would team up with Mexico, one of the most corrupt governments on the planet to push for gun control. Mexico is frankly a mess. First off, it’s rife with violence thanks to the fact that its institutions are incapable of providing public order. At this juncture, parts of Mexico are basically failed micro-states where drug cartels can operate without impunity.

Secondly, Mexico has draconian gun control laws that prevent lawful citizens from being able to defend themselves from heavily-armed criminal actors. For example, the level of gun control in Mexico is so stiff that there is only one official gun store in the country, specifically located in Mexico City. An incompetent, corrupt government that is incapable of protecting its citizens coupled with an inability for lawful Mexican citizens to arm themselves and stand up to drug cartels makes for a nightmare scenario for everyday Mexicans.

However, policy makers in Mexico don’t get this and proceed to go about with a dubious lawsuit. The American civilian disarmament lobby has been more than happy to team up with Mexico to see through this unconstitutional agenda. 

Like a loyal appendage of the managerial regime that hates Americans’ God-given right to bear arms, The New York Times recently had Natalie Kitroeff and Oscar Lopez pen an article to boost the narrative that American firearms are magically destabilizing Mexico. The authors used the claim that the “Justice Department found that 70 percent of the firearms submitted for tracing in Mexico between 2014 and 2018 originated in the United States.”

What these Times writers ignored is that US officials can only trace firearms with US import or manufacturing markings. That any of the guns sent to be traced weren’t discovered to have origins in the US demonstrates that Mexican law enforcement doesn’t get how the American tracing system functions. In sum, none of these findings show that the US is the sole or principal source of guns used in criminal activities in Mexico. 

Another point that’s generally ignored by the corporate media is that a large quantity of firearms of US origin that wind up in Mexican crime scenes were originally sent to police or military forces in Mexico or in Latin America. From there, these arms would be passed on to black market actors and sold to criminal entities. Yet again, we witness Latin America’s institutional dysfunction, a factor that is conveniently ignored by our corporate press. 

Instead, the media obsessively focus on American guns instead of the process behind how they got into criminal hands. Last but certainly not least, the Times blatantly ignores the history of the ATF facilitating the sale of American firearms to suspected Mexican drug cartel members, as evidenced by the Obama administration’s notorious Operation Fast and Furious program. This was done to allegedly track the flow of firearms to criminal syndicates. However, in typical bureaucratic fashion, ATF agents lost track of a large number of firearms before they could be recovered.

Subsequently, these firearms ended up in criminal hands and were used in various crimes. Most notably, in a notorious incident that saw cartel members kill US Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. This entire episode is pathetic but it shows the lengths Gun Control Inc will go towards destroying the Second Amendment. And yes, teaming up with a country that is a borderline failed state is absolutely fair game for these gun-grabbing ghouls.

Ultimately, the American firearms industry will be harmed if this case is successful, which will establish a nasty precedent of litigation efforts used against gun manufacturers. In addition, lawful Mexicans lose out as their government’s incompetence and corruption is let off the hook. 

The only winners in this arrangement are Gun Control Inc. stooges who will likely be shielded by private security and other forms of security that only oligarchs and the politically-connected can afford.

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