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Is Public Health the New Trojan Horse for Gun Control?

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The anti-gun Left is relentless in its efforts to push for civilian disarmament. Even after they’ve been dealt blows in the Supreme Court in decisions like DC v. Heller and McDonald v. Chicago, the Left is still finding ways to ram gun control through.

One of their new strategies in advancing civilian disarmament proposals is by linking gun control to public health. This case is particularly salient in Erie County, New York where gun violence is now considered a “public health crisis” by local officials.  

In the past few weeks, a surge in gun violence has prompted local officials to start taking stances in favor of gun control.

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“The numbers are clear,” Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz declared. “We have seen an increase in violence, not just in the recent weeks but over the last year and a half.” In an attempt to reduce the level of gun violence, Poloncarz signed an executive order that labeled gun violence a “public health crisis.”

The linkage of mental health, public health, and other forms of health with gun control is nothing new. Appeals to mental health are frequently used to suppress dissenting opinions. The Soviet Union was particularly notorious for its use of psychiatry to enact its tyrannical projects. 

Generally speaking, Soviet authorities labeled individuals who broke from the Communist Party dogma as mentally ill. This resulted in many opposition figures being thrown in jail or forcibly subjected to psychiatrist interventions under the pretext of mental illness. When abused by authorities, the use of mental illness can give the state a mechanism to expand its reach into every aspect of people’s private lives.

This kind of model has made its way to the US, where many entities — both public and private — are trying to lump health with gun violence. In fact, the American Medical Association issued a public statement in 2016 declaring that gun violence is a public health crisis.” The AMA has a long history of pushing for anti-freedom measures to whatever problems they face and they’re more than willing to join Gun Control Inc. in their crusade to destroy freedoms.

There are valid concerns about mental health, which has been deteriorating in recent decades due to significant cuts in mental health infrastructure and related services. However, the mental health canard that Gun Control Inc. is much more insidious since they want to cast a wide net when it comes to people who are categorized as mentally ill.

Simply taking medications or going to a psychiatrist could be grounds for disarmament if these anti-gunners had their way in making mental health a pretext for justifying massive gun control. Under the gun controller’s vision, doctor’s offices would be transformed into privatized arms of gun control enforcement. Similarly, the federal government could have sensitive medical information at its fingertips if the doctor’s office becomes fully politicized.

Gun owners should remain skeptical of any measures being put forward by politicians that supposedly address mental health and its relation to gun violence. More often than not, these legislative plans are Trojan Horses for massive infringements on people’s civil liberties.

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