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MT Attorney General: Senate must reject David Chipman, Biden’s anti-gun ATF nominee

Biden’s ATF Nominee David Chipman Illustration by Greg Groesch/The Washington Times
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In an op-ed in the Washington Times, Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen has called for the U.S. Senate to reject Joe Biden’s gun-grabbing ATF nominee David Chipman. Considering that Montana Sen. Jon Tester is one of the few undecided votes, which will ultimately decide whether Chipman is confirmed, Knutson’s op-ed is particularly important at this time.

Describing firearms as “a part of our national heritage,” Knudsen hammers Chipman for his anti-gun history, writing:

“In his testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Mr. Chipman reiterated his desire for an “assault weapons” ban. Yet when asked how he would define the term, he couldn’t give a clear answer. He eventually endorsed a definition that would ban some of the most owned hunting rifles in the country, including the AR-15 and even .22-caliber plinking rifles.

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Mr. Chipman’s ignorance of basic firearms mechanics was astounding. The ATF has vast rulemaking authority over the manufacture and sale of firearms. Mr. Biden seems to have chosen his nominee based solely on anti-gun zealotry, not knowledge of the products and industries he would be responsible for regulating.

In the face of skyrocketing murder rates in cities across the nation, the ATF has an important role in upholding the public safety of communities across the country. Its agents, who are often attacked by “Defund the Police” activists, deserve a director who will inspire their confidence.”

Knudson further blasts Sen. Tester, explaining the situation he is in, stating that he is “stuck between a rock and a hard place. He must choose if he will bow to his Democrat party bosses and confirm Mr. Chipman or stand up for his constituents in Montana, which has one of the highest gun ownership rates in the country.”

20 other state Attorney General’s joined Knudson in opposition to Chipman’s confirmation.

Read the entire op-ed at the Washington Times by clicking here!



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