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SURPRISE: Gang Members Don’t Care About New Jersey’s Gun Control Laws

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Some things never change in politics.

Gun control is frequently touted as a cure-all for combating crime. But as many sober Second Amendment proponents have figured out, this is far from the case.

A case involving a gang bust in New Jersey showcased this trend.

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In Trenton, New Jersey 10 individuals allegedly connected to a gang called “the Section” were indicted in August on weapons charges related to their arrest in 2020. At the time, New Jersey State Police conducted an operation to pre-emptively crack down on gang violence and seized six guns, which included an illegal “ghost gun”, and banned high-capacity ammunition magazines.

According to a report by RLS Media, the 10 alleged members and associates of the Garfield/Cleveland/Logan or “GCL” gang and the related “the Section” gang were charged with second-degree weapons offenses. These offenses come with sentences of up to 10 years in state prison.

The authorities were able to seize the following firearms:

Six semi-automatic handguns, including a 9mm polymer “ghost gun” and a 9mm semi-automatic pistol with a defaced serial number;

Four illegal large-capacity ammunition magazines;

Hollow-point bullets;

Nine bricks of heroin and fentanyl— or roughly 450 individually packaged doses;

Eight vials of suspected crack cocaine.

Ghost guns are not registered and do not have serial numbers, making them difficult to trace and making it harder for law enforcement to solve gun crimes.

“We’re working hard to stop the gun violence committed by rival gang members, who put residents and children at risk in our communities,” declared Acting Attorney General Bruck.

“Through their quick response, the New Jersey State Police likely stopped a shootout in a residential section of Trenton and saved lives”, Bruck added. 

What’s funny is that Tom Knighton of Bearing Arms observed that “so-called ghost guns are banned in New Jersey.” Yet again, proving that criminals will go out of their way to acquire firearms no matter the obstacles in front of them.

Predictable to say the least. Politicians in New Jersey will not get this. It’s already one of the most anti-gun states in the nation, as demonstrated by Guns & Ammo magazine’s Best States for Gun Owners rankings. According to these rankings, New Jersey is in 48th place.  

Under such policies, law-abiding residents of New Jersey are up a creek without a paddle, while predatory criminals are at a major advantage.

To be sure, it’s great to see law enforcement focus their resources on criminal gangs and crack down on them. But passing broad-based gun control legislation that affects lawful people is not the way you achieve that. 

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