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Arkansas Sheriff’s Office Auctioning Off Guns to Raise Police Funds

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If there are two things the left loves more than anything, it is defunding police and confiscating firearms. One Arkansas Sheriff’s department is doing the exact opposite, and are auctioning off firearms in order to raise police funds.

The Clay County Sheriff’s Office is freeing up space in their evidence room by auctioning off dozens of firearms this Saturday, July 24, at 9 AM, at the Clay County Fairgrounds.

Sheriff Terry Miller told local news outlet KAIT 8 that the funds will go towards badly needed new equipment.

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“This is the first auction that we’ve had since I’ve been in office since 2015,” Miller said. “[New equipment is] badly needed. We’re still running off of old equipment and everything. It’s time to upgrade.”

Miller went on to state that he doesn’t know the last time the department upgraded their equipment, stating that they have been operating on outdated radio equipment for years.

“We’ll use [the money] to purchase new radios and stuff for our units,” Miller said.

According to Miller, the funds raised will be split between the Sheriff’s Office and the drug task force.

Along with over 100 guns, the auction will also feature vehicles, old coins, and knives. Among the guns being auctioned, there are pistols, shotguns, and hunting rifles. The entire list can be viewed at this link.

Those attending will be required to go through a background check to purchase any firearms.

Miller states that the auction is one of the few options they could pursue to help the community.

“You either destroy them or try to sell the ones that are worthy of being sold,” Miller said. “Those that are damaged or defaced or anything, those will be destroyed.”

The Clay County Sheriff believes the the timing for the auction is perfect considering the massive increase in gun purchases over the past year.

“We’re hoping this will help us out a bit,” Miller stated. “[We’re] moving it on out and getting it down the road plus make some money for the county and help us buy some equipment. Make some early Christmas presents for some people too.”






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