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New Poll Shows 72% of Americans Support the Second Amendment

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Despite left-wing efforts to turn Americans against the Second Amendment, and systematic deplatforming of pro-gun voices on big tech platforms, a new poll shows that 72% of Americans support the Second Amendment.

A McLaughlin & Associates poll conducted between April 8-13, 2021 shows that 72 percent of general election voters support the Second Amendment and its protections on the right to keep and bear arms.

The poll also shows that 73.4 percent of respondents agree that “the Founders understood the importance of law-abiding citizens right to legally own firearms for things like hunting, sport and personal protection.”

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Often, the left will try to dismiss polls like this, arguing that they were designed to craft the outcome favoring gun rights, but in reality, this poll if anything was biased against conservatives. 51 percent of respondents stated that they voted for Joe Biden in the 2020 election, while 46.9 percent stated they voted for Donald Trump.

The poll shows that 58.1 percent are more likely to vote for a candidate who supports the Second Amendment, while 21.9 percent said they were less likely, and 13.6 were indifferent.

So if those respondents were honest, and actually looked at the facts, there is no way they could vote to re-elect Joe Biden in 2024, or vote for any Democrat in the 2022 election.

As Pro-Gun News previously reported, Joe Biden claimed that the Second Amendment has limits “from the very beginning,” when he announced the most expansive gun control plan in U.S. history.

Democrats are moving full-speed ahead to implement their extreme gun control agenda, just today announcing a bill that would ban the majority of firearm magazines in America, by limiting gun owners to just ten rounds. That bill includes a forced “buyback” that would ultimately end in confiscation for those who do not comply.

Now is the time for gun owners to stand up to the Democrats gun control agenda, being spearheaded by the Gun Grabber in Chief Joe Biden. Pro-Gun News is running a petition to oppose that agenda, which can be signed here.


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