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Utah Sheriff: Biden’s Gun Grab ‘Will Not Happen In Cache County On My Watch’

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As Joe Biden and his gun-grabbing pals work to force gun control on America, the final defense on this tyranny is County Sheriffs.

Being accountable to voters, pro-gun Americans have a responsible to ensure that their local Sheriff will stand up against tyranny, if they live in a place that still maintains the elected position.

Cache County, Utah Sheriff Chad Jensen is speaking out, ensuring residents that “Unconstitutional gun control in any measure will not happen in Cache County on my watch.”

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His statement reads:

“”As your Sheriff, I would like to address recent statements by President Biden concerning executive orders and the national discussion concerning gun control legislation.

“I want all of our residents to know I believe earnestly ALL of our constitutional rights are guaranteed, and these rights are what make our country unique and the greatest place on earth to live, work and raise our families. These rights that guarantee our freedoms are what I, as your elected sheriff, and our entire law enforcement family took an oath to support, obey, and defend.

“Recently, President Biden talked about several proposed measures of gun control and plans to sign executive orders. Unconstitutional gun control in any measure will not happen in Cache County on my watch. Our state has laws already in place that would prohibit some of our citizens from owning or possessing firearms (i.e., citizens convicted of felony offenses, citizens who have an active protective order, those convicted of domestic violence, people who have certified mental health conditions and known drug users just to name a few).

“I have always supported and wholeheartedly enforced all constitutionally-sound laws that deter and penalize gun violence. It is critical we continue to work to keep firearms out of the hands of those who would use them to commit acts of violence against our citizens.

“As your sheriff, I will always stand and fight for ALL your constitutional rights. I stand at the forefront of this county to protect your rights from government overreach. State and federal law in most cases does not allow state law enforcement officers to enforce federal law nor does it allow federal law enforcement to enforce states’ laws.

We currently have a great symbiotic working relationship with our federal law enforcement partners working jointly in areas of child pornography cases, theft and fraud, kidnapping, homicide and many other horrible and violent crimes. Without this relationship, many of these types of cases would create more victims as offender’s [sic] cross state lines or their crimes originate from another country. Our federal partners support our local agencies as we support them in protecting the citizens of our county and state.

“With that said, I will never support any action from the federal government or anyone else infringing on the rights we are all guaranteed through our constitution. We live in the greatest country, the greatest state and by far the greatest county in the nation. We live in a county where neighbors continue to have tolerance and compassion for one another. We gratefully live in a county supportive of their law enforcement and harbor a collective goal to sustain what we have. We have local elected officials who work diligently to protect the lifestyle we love and enjoy.

“Please know you have a sheriff and an entire office who swore to uphold, protect and defend the constitution of this state and of our nation. My deputies and I are truly blessed to serve you in this community.””


If America had more Sheriffs like Chad Jensen, federal gun control measures would simply be words on paper.


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