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Thug Shot By California Homeowner During Attempted Home Invasion

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When a 51-year old resident of Santa Clara, California heard a man prowling around his backyard at 1:49 AM, he did what any reasonable person would and called the police. Then he did what any sane person would do and grabbed his gun.

Grabbing that gun likely saved his life, as the man began kicking in his door, breaking a window, and eventually kicking in the back door before rushing into the home.

The armed man then fired multiple shots at the man, identified as 26-year old Spencer Olson. The intruder was not killed, but was immobilized until police arrived to transport him to the hospital for treatment.

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Olson has been charged for burglary, but the real consequences are sure to be the gunshots he faced.

According a press release from the Santa Clara Police Department:

“On Sunday, July 11, at about 1:49 am, Santa Clara officers responded to the 1000 block of Santa Clara Street on a report of a prowler. The reporting party said a male suspect was in the backyard of their home. As units responded to the call, they learned that gunshots had been fired.

The subsequent investigation revealed that the occupants of the home were awoken by the sounds of pounding and kicking on their doors and windows. The suspect broke a window at the front of the home. The suspect then forcibly kicked open a rear door, at which time the resident fired multiple shots at him. The gunshots immobilized the suspect. There are no known associations between the suspect and the residents.

The suspect is identified as Spencer Olson, a 26-year-old male resident of Los Gatos. He was arrested for burglary and transported to an area hospital for treatment.

The victim is only being identified as a 51-year-old male resident of Santa Clara. He has been cooperative with the investigation.”

When seconds count, police are minutes away.

With violence soaring across the country, it only makes sense to arm yourself. This is just more proof of that.

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