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COWARDS: Indiana RINOs Kill Constitutional Carry

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2021 has been a big year for Constitutional Carry, with both Iowa and Utah passing the pro-gun bill into law. But due to the cowardous of establishment Republicans in Indiana, the Hoosier state will not be among the states adopting the law this year.

Constitutional Carry is the simple principle that anybody who is legally allowed to own a gun can carry it, without begging for a government permission slip, as the Constitution intended.

19 states have the law on the books, which is overwhelmingly popular in Republican-controlled states like Indiana.

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Yet, because the political establishment in these states are often full of cowardly Republicans unwilling to take a stand, it often faces setbacks, as it has in Texas for many years.

In Indiana, the bill passed the State House solidly, 64 – 31.

While passage in the State Senate would be likely, with the Senate having 39 Republicans and 11 Democrats, it was never voted on, and was killed through inaction.

Republican State Senator Liz Brown was the one responsible for its death, simply because she never allowed it to go to committee, which is required for it to be moved on to a vote before the full Senate.

If you live in Indiana, feel free to give her a call to make your displeasure known, at 800-382-9467.

But it wasn’t just the bill being killed that should concern gun owners, the bill itself was watered down, as the National Association for Gun Rights exposed in February.

While speaking to Gun Powder Magazine, NAGR Deputy Director of Field Operations explained that the bill would not allow gun owners to practice Constitutional Carry on land that the Department of Natural Resources manages.

“Indiana has a Republican super majority, yet they are acting like Democrats by trying to water down and kill Constitutional Carry,” McNutt explains. “They need to pass a clean bill like the other 18 states that were able to pass Constitutional Carry without a flawed government database attacked to it.”

This is yet another example of a state where the citizens are pro-gun, but the legislators simply want to play politics instead of fulfill the will of the people.

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