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Facebook Goes Full Big Brother by Shutting Down Pro-Second Amendment Sanctuary Pages

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After six men were arrested and charged for conspiring to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer last year, social media giants like Facebook have cooperated with federal law enforcement to take down pages that allegedly violated Facebook’s policy with regards to “militarized social movements.”

Lee Williams of the Truth About Guns highlighted how Facebook pulled a Big Brother by recently shutting down Michigan’s Second Amendment Sanctuary page without even so much as a warning. According to Williams, the Second Amendment sanctuary page had roughly 100,000 members. 

“They just shut it down,” Tom Norton said on Michigan Public Radio. “We woke up this morning, everybody was kicked off, blocked and 95,000 people disappeared.”

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According to Williams, “The page was used by Michiganders as a way to organize and share information on how local municipalities and counties could pass resolutions to declare themselves Second Amendment Sanctuaries.”

In addition, Facebook shut down personal pages that belonged to the group’s founders and administrators.

Williams reported that a Facebook spokesperson said the Second Amendment Sanctuary page was ultimately erased due to how it allegedly violated Facebook’s policy on “militarized social movements.”

This recent banning of Michigan’s Second Amendment sanctuary page shows that Facebook is legitimately afraid of the sanctuary movement, which has grown significantly in the last decade. 

Noah Davis runs sanctuarycounties.com and a related website constitutionalsanctuaries.com. These sites track the Second Amendment Sanctuary movement that has been on the come up over the last few years. 

Davis offered some context to how much progress the sanctuary movement has made in Michigan, which currently has 60% of its counties under the sanctuary umbrella:

Michigan was on a roll. They were killing it in terms of creating Second Amendment Sanctuaries. Michigan was going to be the next Kentucky, and then Facebook shut them down. Not only did they shut down their main page, they shut down their sub groups and personal pages too – killing family photos and decades of personal posts. They completely gutted their command and control, and 100,000 Michiganders who were working in concert to spread the Second Amendment Sanctuary movement were shut off overnight.

Williams called attention to how Facebook has taken down sanctuary pages in Georgia and Kentucky. Davis argues that Facebook’s arbitrary decisions have impacted over 500,000 people.

“I think Facebook realized we were being too effective at coordinating our political activities, so they had to slow us down, and they gutted our ability to communicate,” Davis declared. “I can’t see any other reason why they would do it other than to stop us. They predicated their decision on trumped up charges, and 100,000 Michiganders had to pay the price.”

Big Tech is very much embedded in the Deep State. Social media giants function as privatized arms of the managerial regime that work to destroy American freedoms all while advancing a globalist agenda that seeks to erase Heritage America.

Any sober right-wing movement would work to only decouple social media’s relationship with the Deep State, but also break up Big Tech altogether. Such concentrations of power among corporate entities should worry anyone who cherishes traditional American freedoms.

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