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Michigan Fails Attempt to Charge Pro-Gun Official for Showing Gun During Zoom Meeting

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Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel announced this week she will not file criminal charges against pro-gun Grand Traverse County commissioner Ron Clous for displaying his rifle during a virtual board meeting held through the video-sharing application Zoom.

During the January meeting, an anti-gun citizen whined about members of the Proud Boys speaking out in favor of adopting a Second Amendment Sanctuary law in the county months prior. She seemed to feel that because she, and the mainstream media, disagrees with the Proud Boys, that they didn’t have the right to express their beliefs in the meeting.

As she complained, Clous pulled out what appeared to be an AR-15-style rifle to show his support for the Second Amendment.

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In response, the mainstream media launched a full-on offensive against Clous, while never actually showing the full video of the incident, which Pro-Gun News is showing above.

To further fuel the fake news media’s attacks, the woman who asked the question filed criminal charges against Commissioner Clous.

But in recent days, the Democrat Attorney General was forced to admit that Clous did nothing wrong, and that the criminal complaint against him was fruitless.

In Attorney General Nessel’s response, she attacked Clous, while admitting that he did nothing illegal.

“Anytime a person feels the law has been violated, the police should be notified and a report should be filed to ensure a proper investigation,” Nessel said. “I appreciate the community member who came forward to file this report, and I respect the conclusion reached by my office. I find Commissioner Clous’ action to be reprehensible and irresponsible, but not illegal. While he will not face accountability in a court room, Commissioner Clous’ constituents have the power to make their opinions clear the next time he’s up for re-election.”

Of course, it is clear that showing guns during a Zoom meeting isn’t illegal. Even Michigan’s anti-gun Attorney General was forced to admit it.

But Clous isn’t done with his troubles relating to the incident. He has also been hit with a federal lawsuit over the incident.

It is unlikely that lawsuit will go anywhere. But Pro-Gun News will keep you up-to-date on any developments.




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