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Sweeping Gun-Grabs Coming to Colorado After Governor Ends State’s Preemption Law

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Colorado’s Democrat Governor, Jared Polis has set the stage for sweeping gun-grabs in the state after repealing the state’s long-held preemption law, now allowing cities to set their own gun laws. Already, the liberal stronghold of Boulder is making moves to outright ban certain firearms.

Polis signed the law Saturday, and Boulder is already moving swiftly to enact restrictions, including a ban on the sale and possession of AR-15-style pistols.

The effort to repeal the state’s preemption law came in the days after a madman with Islamic ties murdered 10 people at a Boulder grocery store on March 22.

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Among those killed was Denny Strong, a 20-year old gun right supporter, who called on his Facebook friends to donate to the pro-gun National Foundation for Gun Rights a short while before the shooting.  Strong wasn’t legally able to be armed that day due to anti-gun policies in place by the grocery store chain, which forbids employees from being armed.

Ten days before the Boulder shooting, a judge blocked the city from enforcing a ban on so-called “assault weapons.” Repealing preemption laws will allow that ban to be re-instated, unless higher courts rule otherwise.

Mayor Sam Weaver has already stated that he will use this new law to bring back that gun ban.

“If we didn’t have this law, in theory you could buy an assault rifle and then go across the street and shoot some students,” Weaver said. “That’s why we would like to have it to prevent hasty actions with offensive weapons in Boulder.”

Dudley Brown, president of Colorado gun-rights group Rocky Mountain Gun Owners responded to the gun-grabbing governor’s action by stating that it “will open the floodgates for awakened councilors to disarm their citizens.”

“Our state had a patchwork of laws, and a citizen couldn’t travel through the state without trying to figure out which district and city they were going through,” Brown continued.

This anti-gun action in Colorado is bad news for all gun owners in the state. While much of the state is conservative, there are a number of left-wing strongholds. Traveling through the state of Colorado while armed will now be much more difficult, as every locality can have different rules, making certain guns legal in some cities, and illegal in others.



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