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The Reason Mark McCloskey Just Pleaded Guilty is Amazing

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When Mark and Patricia McCloskey were faced with a Black Lives Matter mob on their front steps a year ago, they pulled out their guns to defend their upscale St. Louis home.

Despite their situation being a clear case of self-defense, St. Louis’ George Soros-funded Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner hit them with a series of serious charges for the situation.

Just to note, this is the same prosecutor who dropped charges filed against dozens of Black Lives Matter rioters who wreaked havoc during their 2020 summer of rage, which killed 77-year-old retired police captain David Dorn, among others.

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Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt stepped in, helping put a stop to some of the more extreme charges against the McCloskey’s.

But just this week, the couple pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges relating to the incident.

Patricia McCloskey pleaded guilty to misdemeanor harassment, while Mark McCloskey pleaded guilty to misdemeanor fourth-degree assault. The harassment charge resulted in a $2,000 fine, while the fourth-degree assault charge had a $750 fine. Both firearms used in the incident were also seized with the guilty pleas.

Mark McCloskey, who is now running for U.S. Senate in Missouri, responded to the plea by putting out a video admitting his guilt.

The U.S. Senate candidate stated that the charge he pleaded guilty to allege that he “purposefully placed other people in imminent fear of physical harm.” He proudly responds to that claim by stating that, “By God I did,” adding that “anytime they come to threaten me, I’ll do the same thing again.”

McCloskey is using the situation he was forced into as a springboard for his political campaign.

He is running on a platform of stopping critical race theory, taking on Communist China, balancing the budget, defending life, breaking up big tech, fighting cancel culture, and naturally, defending the Second Amendment.

You can read more about his campaign by clicking here. 






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