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Washington State Set To Ban Guns At Protests

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Washington State used to be a solidly Republican State. But in the past twenty years, the state has been shifting radically towards the left, because of rich liberals moving into the state for its beauty, and economic success.

With the new left-wing voting base, the state’s historically permissive gun laws are becoming a relic of their past, and the state legislature is moving full-speed ahead to compete with states like California and New York on gun control.

In their latest effort, they are now trying to ban carrying guns at protests.

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Crosscut reports:

“After a summer of armed, mostly white “patrols” at racial justice protests and the winter insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, Washington state lawmakers are ready to ban guns at demonstrations and the statehouse.

Over opposition from Republicans and gun-rights activists, both houses of the Legislature have passed a ban on weapons within 250 feet of protests or on the Capitol campus in Olympia. Backers say empowering police to remove or arrest armed onlookers addresses widespread complaints from demonstrators and reduces a bona fide safety risk.

The legislation is expected to go to Gov. Jay Inslee in the days ahead. For Lyn Idahosa-Berry, that’s none too soon.

A co-founder of the Federal Way Black Collective, Idahosa-Berry worked with police last summer to organize a teachers march in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. On the day of the march, Idahosa-Berry was walking the route to make sure it was in order when she said she spotted an armed group on top of a gun shop.

Idahosa-Berry said she spoke with a police lieutenant, who contacted the armed group but told her there was nothing he could do. Although armed with assault rifles and perched atop a building that dozens of marchers would soon pass, they weren’t breaking any law.

“We’re talking about weapons that are traditionally seen as weapons of war,” Idahosa-Berry told a legislative committee hearing on March 16. “We were put in danger for the purpose of ‘protecting property.’””

Notice how they blame so-called “right-wing extremists” for violence at protests, when it is Antifa who have been crashing conservative protests for years causing violence.

After all, it was an Antifa extremist that attempted to firebomb an ICE facility in Tacoma, Washington, and an Antifa militant who shot a Trump supporter at a protest last year in the neighboring state of Oregon. But the left don’t care about that violence.

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