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BREAKING: Constitutional Carry DEAD in Lousiana After Reps Fail to Override Veto

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Louisiana lawmakers dropped the ball big time on January 20, 2021 when they failed to override a veto on Constitutional Carry. Five elected officials — four Republicans and one Democrat— who originally voted in favor of Constitutional Carry flipped their votes and capsized any chance of overriding Governor John Bel Edwards’ veto of the bill.

According to a press release published by Gun Owners of America, the four squishy Republicans who betrayed gun owners were Louie Bernard, Patrick Connick, Franklin Foil, and Ronnie Johns, while Gary Smith was the only Democrat who joined Gun Control Inc. in killing this bill.

In response to this betrayal, GOA declared, “Their betrayal of gun owners speaks VOLUMES, as they only voted ‘pro-gun’ earlier in the session when their votes didn’t matter. Gun owners will remember this backstab at the ballot box.”

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Joshua Barnhill, Louisiana Director for GOA, offered his take on the matter:

Today, five Senators put politics and self-interest ahead of the rights of all Louisianans, by changing their votes on Constitutional Carry and allowing the Governor’s veto to stand!

While this is not the outcome GOA and its members fought for, or that the people of Louisiana deserve, one silver lining is that it has shed light on who in the Senate actually supports Constitutional Carry and who was simply trying to score political points thinking there would be no veto session!

Louisianans deserve the ability to defend themselves without government intrusion or permission. As such, GOA will continue to fight for Constitutional Carry until it is the law in Louisiana.

Louisiana is currently ranked in a middling 24th place for Guns & Ammo magazine’s Best States Gun for Owners rankings, thus indicating that it still needs work to do on improving its Second Amendment freedoms. 

For Constitutional Carry to pass in future occasions, Louisiana will need a pro-gun Republican Governor since the present-day Democrat Party is thoroughly anti-Second Amendment. The aforementioned Republicans who betrayed gun owners must also be punished in the upcoming primaries for their treachery. 

Republicans must learn that failing to uphold their constituents’ interests will be met with punishment from the grassroots.

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