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San Diego Police Task Force Set Up to Tackle Non-Existent Ghost Gun Threat

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Once upon a time, California was one of America’s nicest states and a place people could make a decent living and enjoy high degrees of freedom in. That has changed in recent years, however. And for the worst.

Frustrated freedom-lovers have noticed this trend with regards to the right to bear arms, which has been greatly undermined in the Golden State over the course of the past five decades. The anti-Second Amendment situation in Golden State is not getting any better either. According to Thomas K from Tactical Shit, the San Diego police are establishing a special team designed to crack down on so-called ghost guns.

Ghost guns refer to a homemade firearm that is composed of untraceable parts that anyone can purchase online without having to go through a background check. They’re one of the anti-Second Amendment left’s biggest boogiemen. In anti-Second Amendment bastions like California, ghost guns are heavily regulated.  Individuals who want to build their own firearms at home are forced to give it a serial number and register it if it’s a firearm that must undergo registration in accordance with California law. 

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As of now, California residents have to register finished firearms that do not possess serialized parts. The state legislature also passed a recent law that mandates all firearms parts have traceable serial numbers and that only licensed gun dealers can sell these parts. This law doesn’t go into effect until July 2022.

However, Thomas K argues that the present arrangement is “essentially an honor system – one police say criminals aren’t following.”

The San Diego Police Department’s move came a few hours following a city council committee’s decision to support an ordinance that would close down loopholes.

SDPD Chief David Nisleit promised to have more officers patrolling the streets, namely, in neighborhoods where ghost guns are allegedly concentrated in. 

“The gun violence in this city is of grave concern to us,” declared Nisleit in a news conference at the police headquarters. “That’s why you’re seeing this gun-violence-reduction plan. that’s why you’re also seeing the implementation of this new ghost gun team to really try to drive down our ghost gun violence.”

Trying to regulate ghost guns is a fool’s errand. Homemade guns are an American tradition that predates the foundation of this Republic. So good luck to Gun Control Inc. trying to regulate these firearms.

At the moment, California is ranked in a terrible 47th place at Guns & Ammo magazine’s Best States for Gun Owners rankings. The decision by the San Diego Police to focus on ghost gun enforcement further demonstrates how California is a total safe space for the gun control crowd. On the other hand, it’s a danger zone for any law-abiding person that fears criminals. 

It’s probably advisable for gun-loving Californians to flee their state in search of more pro-gun climes, because California politics isn’t changing anytime soon.

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