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AG Garland: Confirm Chipman So We Can Take Your Guns Easier!

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Joe Biden’s nominee to head the ATF, David Chipman is the most radically anti-gun nominee for that position in history. So it’s no surprise that Attorney General Merrick Garland is salivated over the prospect of his confirmation, which is why he is demanding that the Senate confirm the gun grabber.

“As you all know, ATF is on the front lines of our efforts to battle gun violence,” Garland said during a visit to the agency’s headquarters. “We are very hopeful that the Senate will soon act.”

He made these statements while meeting with ATF agents before heading off to Chicago to launch his new gun control goon squad operation in multiple U.S. cities ravaged by violence. The very cities he is targeting have the most restrictive gun control in the country, being Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington, D.C.

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“We all know our job is to go after those who pull the trigger,” Monaco said outside ATF. “… But our job is also of course to go after the sources of those guns, the corridors that they travel in and the networks that feed those guns to the places where they are doing the most violent crime and that is what this series of strike force efforts is all about.”

Chipman being confirmed would certainly help Garland in this operation. Once in power, Chipman would have the power to change the rules relating to certain firearms. Biden has already made clear he wants the ATF to change the definition of short-barreled rifles, which are illegal if not registered with the government, to include firearms currently considered pistols. Rep. Bob Good has filed legislation to stop that gun control scheme.

Garland was formerly nominated for the Supreme Court by former President Barack Obama, but was thankfully never confirmed. Despite attempts to paint him as a “moderate,” he is fanatically anti-gun.

With Garland as Attorney General, David Chipman being confirmed would create a dangerous situation for gun owners. More Waco and Ruby Ridge style situations would be a virtual certainty with those two in power.


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