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David Chipman May Have Just Sunk His Confirmation By Hiding Anti-Gun Statements

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Everyone knows about Joe Biden’s gun-grabbing ATF nominee David Chipman’s extreme anti-gun views, and outright contempt for gun owners. He has made no secret of that fact. But for some reason, Chipman seemed to be trying to hide a number of other comments he made by failing to disclose them to the U.S. Senate.

Shockingly, this revelation came from CNN, who actually did some solid investigation work.

While he disclosed more than 30 pages of published works, quotes in news articles, speeches, media appearances, and testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, he didn’t disclose a number of events and interviews dating back to 2012, where he made anti-gun comments.

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Most jarring is his failure to disclose a 2019 talk to a law firm titled, “Can the Right to Bear Arms Coexist with Gun Control?”

In that talk, he rants about how his views are far more extreme thatn the typical ATF agent, and among law enforcement in general, claiming that those groups are mostly “a very conservative bunch, primarily of white men.”

“If you are authentic in this space you are likely to disappoint a lot of people. I think that we have to understand that law enforcement, generally, is a very conservative bunch, primarily of white men. So, the politics of this issue, as it is, sort of permeate it. I don’t believe my views are typical.”

When CNN reached out to Chipman for comment, he directed them to the White House, who gave a statement which doesn’t even answer for the allegations in the article.

“David Chipman has spent decades years in distinguished service to our country as an ATF agent and has the exact set of skills and experience we need to revitalize the Bureau’s work to crack down on gun trafficking and keep guns out of the hands of criminals — that’s why his nomination has the support of leading law enforcement organizations,” Michael Gwin, a White House spokesman told CNN.

In another undisclosed interview, he ranted about how the NRA has an “un-American” business model that relies on Americans being less safe.

“If (the NRA is) no longer selling a lot of guns to sportsmen and hunters and (their) primary business model is you need guns for public safety. Well, then you need an unsafe society to need to buy a gun,” Chipman said. “If your business model depends entirely on people feeling unsafe and scared and need to buy a gun, why would you want to do anything that makes things safer?”

The CNN report also reveals that he failed to disclose interviews with state-owned Chinese propaganda network CGTN.

This is just yet another setback for Chipman, who is having trouble securing the votes necessary to be confirmed in the Senate. In previous days, he was also hit with racism allegations.

While there shouldn’t be an ATF at all, gun owners will be able to rest a little bit easier if Chipman’s confirmation is shot down.

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