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REVEALED: U.S. Has Resumed Funding of U.N. Small Arms Treaty

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In 2019, President Donald Trump announced he was removing the U.S.’s signature from the infamous U.N. Small Arms Treaty in a historic move against globalism. In response, U.S. funding for the treaty ceased. But since Joe Biden took power earlier this year, contribution reports show that the U.S. has begun funding the gun control treaty yet again.

The report shows that after the U.S. gave zero funding in 2020, they have so far given $91,291.78 in 2021.

The Small Arms Treaty, which is also called the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT), was signed by then-Secretary of State John Kerry in 2013. Despite claims it would not harm U.S. gun rights, major figures, notably Sen. Rand Paul, have been sounding the alarm on this treaty, which he has described as “the Gun Control Lobby’s crown jewel.”

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It is yet to be ratified by the U.S. Senate, and whether the U.N. respects Trump’s order to remove the U.S.’s signature is questionable.

In an appeal for signatures on a National Association for Gun Rights (NAGR) survey against the treaty, Sen. Paul recently explained that, if ratified by the U.S. Senate, the treaty would likely force the U.S. to enact “tougher licensing requirements,” confiscate and destroy all “‘unauthorized’ civilian firearms,” ban the “trade, sale and private ownership of ALL semi-automatic weapons,” and create an international gun registry.

Sen. Paul filed a House Resolution in 2019 to ensure that Trump’s order to unsign the treaty was fully accepted, which would have removed the treaty from the U.S. Senate for good if passed.

The Seventh Conference of States Parties to the Arms Trade Treaty is set to occur at the end of August this year. It is likely that Joe Biden will fully resign the treaty, to make clear that the U.S. still supports it before that conference occurs.

But, whether Biden chooses to resign it, the U.S. is, for all intents and purposes, still a major player when it comes to the treaty.

Many organizations leading the effort to force world-wide implementation still consider the U.S. a signatory on the treaty, despite Trump removing the signature in 2019. Combined with the fact that the Democrat Party lists ratification of the treaty as a priority in their platform, and that China signed onto the treaty for the first time in 2020 as a jab to the U.S., it is a virtual certainty that Joe Biden will go all-out to force this treaty on the United States.


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