David Hogg’s Best Friend is Running for Congress, and Promises to Ban Guns if Elected
Maxwell Frost, the Democrat nominee for Congress in Florida’s 10th Congressional District, almost makes radicals like Rep. Cori Bush and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez seem reasonable. Read More.
Pro-Gun Champion Cory Mills Wins GOP Nomination in Florida’s 7th Congressional District
Cory Mills will stand up for our Second Amendment rights in Congress. Read More.
This GOP candidate made millions selling tear gas used on BLM and Antifa – and his new ad makes no apologies for that
“I came home and started a company making riot-control munitions for law enforcement. You may know some of our work,” Mills boasts in the ad. Read More.
GAMECHANGER: Ron DeSantis Says He Expects 'Constitutional Carry' to Pass THIS YEAR
Second Amendment supporters in Florida have been screaming for Constitutional Carry for years. Read More.
Governor Ron DeSantis Calls a Special Session of the Florida State Legislature Where Constitutional Carry Could be on the Agenda
Political leaders generally can’t be trusted these days. More often than not, they’re all talk, but no walk.  That may be true for 95% of them, give or take, but not for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.  DeSantis has raised the stakes by calling for a Special Session to pass Constitutional Carry on March 29, 2022. Read More.
Florida Gun Rights Calls for Special Session to Pass Constitutional Carry
The 2022 session of the Florida State Legislature ended in disappointment as Florida’s political class refused to bring up Constitutional Carry for a vote. Yet another session went by as Constitutional Carry died and no public vote on said legislation occurred. For people who have been involved in Constitutional Carry legislative campaigns for well over 5 years, this scene is all-too familiar.  Read More.
Republicans are to Blame for Constitutional Carry Dying Yet AGAIN in Florida
Another year of disappointment struck the Sunshine State. Constitutional Carry ended up dying for a third year in a row.  Luis Valdes, the Florida State Director of Gun Owners of America, spelled out the bad news for Florida gun owners in a piece that was published at AmmoLand.  Read More.
CPAC Proved that Florida is Trump/Sabatini Country
Sabatini is a rare breed of politician who doesn't just talk the talk, but walks the walk, and fights like hell for vitally important issues like the Second Amendment. Read More.
Florida County Sheriff Al Nienhuis Attacks Open Carry
Hernando County Sheriff Al Nienhuis is no fan of open carry. ​​​​​​​According to a report by The Suncoast News, Nienhuis is overseeing a program called the “Situation Awareness Firearms Education.” This program teaches the basics on handling firearms. Read More.
Roger Stone Pressures Ron DeSantis to Pass Constitutional Carry
Is Florida Governor Ron DeSantis serious about passing Constitutional Carry? Read More.
Florida GOP Champions Bill Naming Strawberry Shortcake Official State Dessert WHILE BLOCKING CONSTITUTIONAL CARRY
Weak-kneed Republicans have done a lot of crazy things to avoid voting for Constitutional Carry. But I’ve seen nothing as bizarre as what is going on in Florida now. Read More.
EXCLUSIVE: Candidate Trolls Biden With Cannon In Epic 2A Ad
Businessman Martin Hyde, who is running against establishment career politician Congressman Vern Buchannan in Florida's 16th congressional district, just released a new ad trolling Biden's understanding of the United States Constitution and basic 2nd Amendment rights. Read More.
Anthony Sabatini CRUSHES ‘Anti-2a Sweaty Slob’ FL Rep for Blocking Constitutional Carry
Florida State Rep. Anthony Sabatini is a near-extinct breed of politician who actually has a backbone, and who doesn’t take crap from those who don’t. Read More.

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